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My Weight-Loss Journey: The secret techniques (part 3)

2. The Exercise (part 3)
3. Supplementation: Is it needed at all? (part 3)

The Exercise

Firstly, the BAD news: you know that a caloric-deficit diet will result in weight-loss; it's just simple math. But did you know that you'll need to do a LOT of exercise in order to burn off a substantial amount of calories. (I am presuming you don't do much exercise because you don't like it!)

See how much calories each type of exercise burns:

As I have already mentioned, it's easier to simply eat less calories - we live in a world that requires too much of our time and attention - no one can spend 3 hour exercising every day.

My approach to exercise:

1. Engage in exercises/sport activities that you actually enjoy.

A weight-loss journey is not a sprint; it's a long marathon. Make exercise a enjoyable part of your life. The human body was designed to move, jump, run, hunt and carry weight.

Swim, run, cycle, Pilates, zumba, Crossfit, lift weights, whatever.

I fell in love with free weights training. There are huge advantages in free weight training for men trying to lose weight. For ladies, I also suggest highly suggest free weights training. I won't go into the details why free weights training is the BEST vehicle for weight loss because that will make this article too long; you can find out more for yourself or ask me.

2. Form, Form, FORM! (Injury prevention)

I cannot stress this enough. Regardless of which exercise you have chosen, you need to do those exercises correctly. A lot of people are biking/running incorrectly. The same applies to equipment: bike height/shoes/clothing, etc.

Using the gym? You must read this: Why_is_Proper_Form_so_Important_When_Working_Out.html

The last thing you want is to get injured. Because no one likes pain and it stalls your weight-loss journey. It affects your mind and morale too. I know. I have been there.

For anyone who wants to use weights training to lose weight (I highly recommend it), ensure you learn how to do each exercise correctly. Read, watch YouTube tutorials, find out the latest research on these weight lifting exercises. Hire a professional Personal Trainer. Don't get injured.

Take special care of your joints. Muscle soreness (from any exercise) is to be expected, muscles heal fairly fast but joints/connective tissues/bones/spine don't. Which leads to my next section: is Supplementation needed at all for weight loss?

 3. Supplementation: Is it needed at all?

Firstly, I am not endorsing any product. But I do want to mention what some of the available supplements are, so that you can do your own research on them.

Secondly, Supplements are..... supplements. :) they are not magic pills or powders that will make your fats disappear. You will make fats disappear. The supplements can only help a little bit. That simply means that you will need to ensure that your diet is made of the best foods you can buy and that you get your nutrients from real foods and not pills/protein/magic powders.

If you think you don't need or don't wish to use supplements, don't use it.


There are a few approaches that weight-loss supplements take: appetite suppression, caffeine, thermogenic. They might work for you in the short term, but just like 'weight-loss diets', if you stop taking them, you might gain back all the weight and any doctor will tell you: being on weight-loss pills for a very long time is NOT good for your health.

Joint supplements: I personally recommend this. Regardless of which exercise you will employ, your joints will move more, creating wear and tear.

Protein powder: If you are using heavy weights (doing them correctly!) and can't eat 6 servings of meat a day, protein powders can help. Protein/Amino acids can help the repair of muscles, resulting in you healing faster, that might translate to more frequent workouts, if you can afford the time. Faster muscle growth can result in more efficient weight-loss. But do note that these powders do contain calories and fats. If you don't want to look too 'bulky', you don't need protein powders. Muscle bulk does not equate strength. Check your goals.

(Guys: never buy 'mass-gainers' powders, we are trying to lose weight here!)

Multivitamins? Not a bad idea. When you start doing exercises, your body sucks up nutrients like a sponge and sometimes you do miss out on some nutrients from your meals. Multivitamins can help in this aspect.

There are a few issues that bothers me about the supplement industry but I'll just mention one. Look, I have no issues with anyone who wants to use steroids. More power to him/her. But if a company uses a steroid-using model to sell a product and it gives the consumers the impression that if you use the product, you'll end up looking like the model, I have issues with that. Regardless of whether it's a weight-loss/bodybuilding/vitamin product.

Important Closing

Life is about living to the fullest. Don't be obsessed about achieving a certain look/body shape. Take control of your body and mind. Be confident about your transformation and weight-loss, regardless of where you might be. Look, at least you are a better version of yourself today as compared to last week or the week before. That's why this blog has "lovelife" in the title/URL.

And YES, I have 'cheat' meals too! Sometimes, even for an entire day! :)

Learn more about cheat meals:

If you are losing 1 - 2 pounds of fat (NOT WATER) a week, you are doing very well.

I wish you all the best in your weight-loss journey; I am still learning just as you are. I hope this article is useful to you. Share it with your friends who might benefit from this. I would love to help too.

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