Monday, June 15, 2015

My Weight-Loss Journey: The secret techniques (part 1)


(Important note (Feb 2017) : This series was written some time ago and I have since gained new insights after studying and obtaining a Personal Trainer certification from the American Council on Exercise. I'll might eventually update this article. This is just a note that to readers that the info in this article do not totally reflect my current approach or thoughts.) 

Firstly, the figures. I started out at 94 kg in Feb 2015. By June 2015, I have lost 20 kg (74 Kg). By Aug 2015, I reached 68 kg, I think I was too scrawny and I added more muscle bulk and I am now at 70 kg (Dec 2015). It's not just the 'weight' I've lost: I actually lost fats and gained muscle, putting my body fat ratio (the percentage of fats in my body) at a much better level than when I had just started.

I have also helped my wife lose 10 kg of unhealthy weight.

Secondly, this is simply my story; and I am sharing it with you. Because it's works and I do want to share this with my friends so that they too can benefit from this. Which means I am not going into pointless Internet arguments and bashing: if you don't agree with me, you don't have to follow me/use my information. :)

I can probably make a lot of money from this information but I am not going to do so. 

This article is basically an introduction and Part 1.

The Basics

1. The Diet (part 2)
2. The Exercise (part 3)
3. Supplementation: Is it needed at all? (part 3)

Before I discuss further, I'll like to touch on some philosophical points on losing weight. Firstly, if you expect changes in your body size/wight, then you must expect...... changes in your diet and exercise.

I am sure you have heard of yo-yo dieting. You get on a 'new' fab diet plan (Grapefruit, Cleanse, De-tox, whatever-they-call-it-now), you lose weight but as soon as you get off the 'diet' the fats/weight come on back on...

Of course it does. It makes sense, doesn't it?

If you want to lose weight AND keep it off, it will take a LIFESTYLE change and your relationship with food will change forever.

Before I embarked on my weight-loss journey, I had set a few goals:
  • I want a healthy weight-loss journey and hence I am not going to starve myself.
  • The ultimate goal is a healthier body and hence I shouldn't be feeling weak or have a low immune system.
  • I was going to commit myself to maintaining the weight-loss forever, which means the diet plan has to be sustainable and realistic.
  • I want to make the process as enjoyable as possible, the food has to taste GOOD! :)
I heard this quote before and it's true and hence I am sharing it here:

"70% of weight-loss is in the Kitchen and 30% is in the gym"

Therefore, one can truly lose weight (albeit slowly) if one simply has a good and sensible diet. However, it does not mean that the said person is healthy or strong. To be healthy and strong (in all aspects of cardiovascular/organ/tissue/joint health), one needs exercise.

If you are ready, let's tackle the most important aspect of any weight-loss journey: The Diet.

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